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AVHzY CT-1 Manuals EN 5.5M 2017-07-16 ZIP
AVHzY-CT-1-Quick-Start-Guide v1.75EN 1.7M 2017-07-16 PDF ZIP
AVHzY CT-1  Firmware  v1.78EN 65KB 2017-10-1 ZIP

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—Firmware Upgrade—
1.Remove the meter from power sources,press and hold the left key and plug it into a PC, release the key when the device entered”Bootloader” mode.
2.Drag the firmware intothe poped up disk on PC.  such as “Kotomi V1.78.KotomiPro”
3.Wait for a few seconds, the meter will reset automatically, and pop up a dialogue”Updgrade Success”, firmware upgrade done.

— History Versions —
1.(New)Add Huawei-SCP to auto detect function.
2.(Optimize)Optimized PD trigger routine, for better compability.

1.(New)Add PD3.0 support, and PPS/QC4.0 based on it.
2.(New)Add trigger function to Huawei-SCP.

1. (Fix) Fixed display trouble when the power is above 100W.
2. (New) Add customized string to “about” screen.
3. (New) Default language will be auto adjusted according to different customers.

1. (New) Add 50fps,100fps update rates to diagram painting.

1. (New) Add customized “about” screen.

1. (New) Add PD listener mode, you can enable/disable it in DeveloperTools->AdvancedSettings->Enable/Disable PD Listener.
2.(Optimize)For chargers with more than 5 PDOs, list the PDOs in small font.
3.(Optimize)Press and hold middle key while starting up, you can enter
PD trigger mode directly.

1.(New)Add bold font style, you can enable/disable it in personalization settings.
2.(Optimize)Optimized PD compability.

1.(Optimize) Sleep current cut down to 0.4mA.
2.(New & Optimize) New features in diagram painting:
–User can change the update rate of the diagram by rotating the keys
to left or right(1fps,2fps,4fps,10fps,20fps,30fps).
–User can switch the scale mode by long rotating the left key
(Switch between auto scale mode and toGND scale mode)
–Long right key rotation to pause/resume painting.
3.(Optimize)If the charger still responds to the requests when entering
PD trigger mode, a force reset is not necessary.

1.(Fix)Fixed -1% gain error on D+ D- voltage channels.
2.(Modify)Current arrow was replaced with “+-” to avoid misunderstanding.
3.(Modify)Indicator “PD” was changed into “TC” to avoid misunderstanding.
4.(New)Current resolution turns to 0.01mA when the current is below 100mA.

V1.67/V1.68/V1.69 Beta: Initial factory release

1.(Fix)Fixed QC3.0 recognization.
2.(Fix)Fixed PD trigger compability problem on letv EV-24ACN.
3.(Modify)Current arrow will only be shown when the current is more than 0.2mA.
4.(New)Add huawei SCP protocol recognization.
5.(New)Add “Advanced Settings” to developer tools, in which user can disable startup logo and warnings of fastcharge trigger.
6.(New)Add screen rotation.

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