AT34/35 USB 3.0 Power Meter Tester DC 30.000V 4.000A/4.0000A

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Technical Parameters:
Measuring voltage,current: 3.7.00-30.00V,0-4.000A
Energy measurement range: 0-99999mAh-999.99Wh
Load impedance measurement range: 1Ω-9999.9Ω
Temperature measurement range: 0°C-80°C / 32°F-176°F
Operating temperature range: 0°C-45°C / 32°F-113°F
Product size: 64mmx22mmx12mm
Display screen: 0.96 inch color LCD
Voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V
Current measurement resolution: 0.001A
Voltage measurement accuracy: ± (0.8% + 4 words) 25 ° C
Current measurement accuracy: ± (1% + 4 words) 25 ° C
Power measurement range: 0-120W
Temperature measurement error: ±3°C / ±6°F
Refresh rate: 2Hz
Applications: Testers are widely used in the quality inspection of 3C digital peripheral products, and are the first choice for digital gamers and electronic enthusiasts.

Real-time detection of the state of charge of the appliance, voltage, current, power and other indicators at a glance; Fast charge recognition, widely compatible: AT24 supports QC2.0, QC3.0, APPLE 2.4A/2.1A/1A/0.5A, Andriod DCP, SAMSUNG fast charge protocol identification, let you know the state of charge of the phone . Power-off storage, AT34 has power-off storage function, which can store capacity and energy data when the mobile power is cut off, which is convenient for subsequent viewing and convenient for capacity energy measurement of mobile power. USB 3.0 interface: Compatible with USB 2.0, support high current test, support USB3.0 interface mobile hard disk and U disk test.

Package Including 1 * AT34 USB Tester, 1 * USB Load, 1 * Quick Tour

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