DC Power Supply Variable Adjustable RD6006 RD6012 RD6018


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Adopt high precision sampling chip, ensure product measurement accuracy and stability, 4 digit resolution.

Keypad, encoder potentiometer and multifunction button combination, convenient to adjust at big or small range.

Support data storage function, can store or call out the setting parameters immediately.

Support button lock funtion, can prevent operation by mistake.

Green and black charging terminals specially for the battery charging, don’t worry about connecting reversely, you can use it to charge multiple types of batteries.


Input voltage: 6-70.00V

Output voltage: 0-60.00V

Output current: 0-6.000A (RD2012, 0-12.000A)

Output power: 0-360.0W (RD2012, 0-720W)

Capacity measurement range: 0-9999.99Ah

Energy measurement range: 0-9999.99Wh

External sensor Temperature detection range: -10°~100°C

1. Operation instructon, PC software instruction, APP instruction, APP and PC software download link:



2. APP Google download: Search RdPower to download

3. Operation instruction video:”https://youtu.be/fn6ROhGrLtI”

3 Responses to DC Power Supply Variable Adjustable RD6006 RD6012 RD6018
  1. The product doesn’t come with power cord, usb cable and software CD which is weird. And I am unable to connect it to PC and phone both. Can you please help?

    • Hello customer
      Thank you so much for your feedback.
      Because our packaging design is too compact.
      Can’t accommodate the power cord, so we don’t have power cords and data cables.
      The power cord is the most commonly used desktop computer power cord, and the data cord is USB Micro.

      RD6006 RD6012 DC Power Supply Download Manuals Firmware PC software

    • Hello customer
      Data transmission:micro USB cable
      Power inputStandard: Computer Power Cord


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